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Rug Cleaning Tips From Specialists

Rug Cleaning Tips From Specialists

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M&Co Rug Cleaning.

All of us Consider of hiring a rug cleaning service Just when the weather is about to change or the celebrations are coming. Summer, Spring, Christmas, Birthday Eastern  Etc.

We All  want our home to be amazingly clean and fresh. Cleaning the rugs seems like the right way to do it and the right time as well, doesn’t it?

At M&Co, we believe that the perfect time is when you would want everything to be clean and free of allergens, all because we deserve it!

Rug Cleaning Specially whether you are someone live with somebody who suffers from any kind of breathing problem. Having your rugs cleaned and free or germ is a good idea all year around.

Your rug  Cleaning Australia company M&Co understands how important it is to have your rugs cleaned on regular bases This is the reason why we created the #808 promotion.

We are proud to offer to our regular clients 15% off every time we do the steam cleaning.Now it is easier and cheaper to maintain a clean and tidy home that has a welcoming environment and a healthy vibe with M&Co.

When was the last time you had your rugs cleaned? Are the due to clean? Don’t  worry, almost of us not realize that!

So, have you called us yet? 0424078881

How do we Steam Clean you Rug? Why clients prefer M&Co Rug Steam Cleaning?


Industrial capacity.
-Free stain treatment
-Also Free deodoriser
-You get Free mould treatment
-Free carpet grooming
-Quick dry
-Eco-friendly safe for family and pets
-Bye bye Dust mites
-Remove bacteria & Pollutants
1- M&Co Pre-vacuum te area
2- M&Co Inspect and decide what special solution to use to threat the Rugl.
3- M&Co Pre-spray our eco-friendly solution (shampoo).
4- M&Co deep steam clean the area. +-80 degrees at 300psi and suck it up with our very advanced equipment.
5- M&Co check your satisfaction and give you further instructions of how to keep your Rug clean for longer.
Satisfaction guarantee

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