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Carpet Cleaning Chocolate Stains

Carpet Cleaning Chocolate Stains.

Carpet Cleaning Chocolate Stains If you are here reading this tips, then you probably got a little too excited with your chocolate or ice cream. I Got it!! You have a kids in your home.  Whether it’s ice cream, Tim Tam, Dark chocolate ,cold or hot chocolate, it’s delicious  until it ends up on your brand new white carpet. Protein, and Chocolate are not 200% mess free, we can imagine when the little’s are at home. M&co, with years of experience in the stain removing, here we go with a few tips on how to clean chocolate stains out of carpet.


M&Co Tips: How to Clean Chocolate Stains At Home  

You will need

Carpet Cleaning Manning

Carpet Cleaning Chocolate stain

  • Plastic bucket
  • Cold Tap water
  • Dish soap
  • Clean Cloth

Carpet Cleaning Process: 

  1. Step: Are you Lucky? In case the Chocolate stain is still wet then, skip to step three. If not 🙁 and the chocolate is dry, take knife (NOT SHARP) and gently scrape off as much as the chocolate as you can.
  2. Step: Gently use the vacuum and extract the dried pieces.
  3. Step: use cold water over the carpet stain. How? Fill up a medium bucket with fresh water (Consider the size of the carpet stain) and soak the stain. The water will start helping the stain start to loosen from the carpet.
  4. Step:Use a small amount of light dish-washing detergent (if needed) into a non used very clean cloth and gently rub the stain in a circular motion.
  5. Step: Let the solution work for you for a few minutes. Lets wait a couple of more minutes. keep watching the carpet cleaning Process.
  6. Step: Rinse the carpet with cold water.
  7. Step: Leave the area to dry naturally.  The chocolate stain should disappear from your carpet.

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