Rug Cleaning Tips

Too cheep, too good?

Rug cleaning tips from M&Co. We Always Look for a great way to clean your rugs? Right? Picking a professional Rug cleaning Company is not always an easy task. Off course we want the best cleaning for the best price , but, Is it possible? To Confuse us, many business offer “the best Rug Cleaning service on Planet for $20. Should you really believe that?

The fact of the matter is, as customers all we want is the rug cleaning process to be thorough and reliable. It includes: be on time, have professional attitude, up to date equipment, be honest and others fundamental characteristics of a good Rug Cleaning business.

What can you do in order to hire hire the right Rug Cleaning Company? 

  • Check the reputation. Take some time online to see the real reviews. Beware nobody is perfect. 100% good reviews do not mean the rug cleaner is 100% good. Why not to check the bad reviews? Sometimes someone complained because the rug technician arrived 3 minutes late. (nice bad review)
  • Call the Rug cleaning company ask why the price. if it is too cheap the company should be able to justify the reason why. Ask how they pay the fuel, shampoo, maintenance. Is there any hidden cost?
  •  It is very important to ask how long the Rug cleaning process should take. There would have a big difference in what can be done in terms of cleaning in 20 minutes and 2 hours.
  • What method of cleaning?  Rug Dry Cleaning, Rug Steam Cleaning? Something else?
  • Does this company have insurance? Quality service warranty? Free quote?
  • Does this company pre vacuum the rug?
  • Would this company perform the rug cleaning when best suits the customer? Availability is extremely important. An ice-cream out of the fridge today is $10 tomorrow $0

There are numerous questions we can ask that will help us to define what rug cleaner to hire. The most important thing is that we should’t take the plunge just based on price, equipment or how strong the rug shampoo is.

At M&co our priority is the client! we know that real reputation is not build overnight, reason why we heavily invest in customer service as well as equipment and in our technicians.

When you hire M&Co Rug Cleaning you get:

– Deep hot high pressure water rug cleaning method
– Free rug deodoriser
– Remove bacteria hiding in your rug
– Super quick dry rug cleaning process
– Same day Rug cleaning services
– Free stain treatment
– Get rid of those mould germs bacteria bed-bugs and mites from your rug
– M&Co deep cleaning improves your rug life expectancy