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Red Wine Carpet Cleaning

Red Wine Carpet Cleaning

Read Wine Carpet Cleaning is a very famous subject. Can we really remove the red wine stains out of the carpets?

We at M&Co receive calls Every day from clients around Australia asking if we can remove wine stains from carpets. The answers is YES!! 95% of the cases we manage to remove the stains out of the carpets.  Stains have always been a frustrating problem, especially when it’s on your new carpet.

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So, the question is! What Should we do when we drop wine on our brand new carpet? Most people guess the answer is to buy any carpet cleaner product at the closest shop and apply. Definitely not. M&Co recommendation is: use a clean cloth and a bucket of water only. Use the water to wet the cloth and gently put pressure on top of the stain(never scrubby the carpets). The idea is to transfer the wine from the carpet to the cloth.

Most importantly, do this procedure right away so they won’t set in into the carpet fibres.

Second steep is to Call us on 0424 078 881 so we can use our professional equipment and products to extract and threat the remain wine residue.

Please watch our video demonstration.

In this video we applied red wine, mustard, tomato sauce, sand, Soy Sauce, milk and yogurt. We then used our powerful industrial capacity water extraction carpet cleaning equipment to demonstrate how we remove stains out of your carpets. Please note: not all carpets are the same and the age of the stain also interferes on the result.

Our professional cleaners are strictly selected in order to ensure that our high quality standards of cleaning services are always met. Not only do all of our cleaners have valid police clearance, but they are also fully trained, prepared and equipped to meet our clients, agents and landlords’ highest expectations.

We pride ourselves on our quality, honesty and reliable services.

Call us Today! Work seven days a week. no extra charges after our or weekends.

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