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Coffee Stain Cleaning

Coffee Stain Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Stain Cleaning. Without any doubt coffee is one of the most consumed drinks around the globe, with approximately 600g of coffee consumed per person each year, reason why that on a regular basis people in Australia have to deal with spilt coffee on their carpets.

According to Sydney Moving Guide  Australia coffee habit was influenced mostly from the large Italian immigrant population, others believe that Australia always had a full boded on the table without any international influence.

What really matters is, if you fell like having a delicious drink, you can find either Australian and Italian Brands at your local supermarket such as  Campos CoffeeToby Estate, Single OriginVittoriaLavazza and Segafredo Zanetti. I personally prefer to favour the Local Australian brands as they they tastes fresher.

Lets get your carpet cleaned? or Professionally Cleaned

For fresh spills: you will need paper towel, and clean cloth.

All you need to do is to soak the cloth (preferably warm water) and WITHOUT SCRUBBING, gently transfer the coffee to the cloth. Repeat a few times until the stain became light or invisible. This process should help to remove the stain and make your carpet look good again! Please remember, the last thing you should do in this cleaning process is scrub your carpets.

Despite the fact that there are number of miraculous carpet cleaning products available for sale nowadays, we at M&Co Strongly recommend that you use only water. No Cleaning Solutions

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning:

You probably will need to do a professional steam cleaning and Stain Removal That suit your carpet Fibres. on the area where the carpet has the spill! Why not do all your carpets? At M&Co we clean carpets from $39 per room + GST minimum $95

Steam cleaning not only kills allergens and dust mites but also improve the look of your house and other benefits..

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