Mattress Cleaning Kingsley

Mattress Cleaning Kingsley



The Mattress almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus. They usually live and grow in our mattress as it is a great and favourable place for feeding and reproducing due to the amount of dead skin cells, hair, dust and others. A professionally cleaned Mattress can not only improve the look of your

house, but also your health and the Mattress’s life expectancy.

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Same day Service Including Saturdays & Sundays

Free Deodoriser Ideal To Treat Urine Odour

 Stain Treatment

High Pressure Water Extracion. Removes Urine

Removes Bacteria Hiding in Your Mattress

Quick Dry

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M&co Same day mattress cleaning 0424078881 Even though we spend as much as ⅓ of our entire life horizontally on our beds, very little people pay attention to their mattress cleaning needs. That’s why M&Co is here, not only to help you, but also to inform you. When thinking about the regular cleaning of our beds, people usually relate to changing the sheets and this is what the majority do when cleaning up their bedrooms. However, the real problem may be lying down under – in the mattress.

Special Offer. Book 2 different steam cleaning services with M&Co and the 3rd is for FREE

Mattresses almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus. They usually live and grow in our mattress as it is a great and favourable place for feeding and reproducing due to the amount of dead skin cells, hair, dust and bodily fluids such as sweat, saliva, blood and urine. Mites not only live in our mattresses, but they also drop their excrement daily into it. Their excrements contain a chemical called ‘guanine’ that can be the cause of allergic reactions and other health issues, such as asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing. They are even thought to contribute to depression and fatigue.

At M&Co, we work with the latest technology in order to help you keep your home clean and healthy. Our mattress cleaning services consists of pre-cleaning and treating the mattress by vacuuming and applying a pretreatment solution onto it. The solution will penetrate into the mattress’ fibers and help loosen dirt and debris as well as eliminate mites, bacteria and fungus. Then, we will steam clean your mattress using and remove any removable spots and stains. After we have finished, you will rest assured that you have a completely clean, healthy and disinfected mattress to sleep on. M&co Same day urine mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Kingsley

Can you see now the importance of keeping your mattress regularly clean? Contact us today for an obligation free quote and go back to sleeping on a healthy mattress again. M&co specialises in urine mattress cleaning M&Co Clean Urine From Mattress M&Co Offers Special deals when more than one service is booked. Call us now 0424078881

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  • First time using a carpet cleaning service. Booking was easy, price was so reasonable and quality of work was outstanding.
    Juliano was at my house when he said he would be, friendly, eager, and did an outstanding job, highly recommend juliano and m&co.

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