Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our most frequently asked questions and find out a bit more about our services.

How Much is the minimum visit Charge?


The minimum visit is $120 – and up to 2 rooms can be cleaned, for example.

What if we have only one room? M&Co still charges $120. This amount covers fuel, wages, time, taxes, cleaning solution, advertisement, insurances, etc.

Please note: the more items cleaned you get, the cheaper it is for you!

Who is M&Co Cleaning?

We are a cleaning company based in Western Australia that offers a wide range of cleaning services, both one-off and regular, such as, carpet cleaning and amongst many others. We pride ourselves for strictly hiring experienced and professional cleaning contractors in order to ensure all your cleaning needs are met at a high quality level.

What services do you provide?

We provide a vast range of services from simple household ones,  to heavier duties such as tiles and grout, deep, carpet We are flexible and design a custom plan for each and every client in order to attend all of their cleaning needs.

Why should I choose M&Co Cleaning?

At M&Co Cleaning, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality cleaning services that are especially tailored to attend all your needs. Our biggest goal is to make our clients satisfied with our services and this is where our great reputation come from as our clients receive a comprehensive checklist and decide which areas should be cleaned. This process is also beneficial to make sure sufficient time is allocated for the cleaners to perform the task adequately.

This system has proved to be the best way to meet our clients expectations and guarantee the service provided.

Which areas do M&Co Cleaning service?

At M&Co Cleaning we always work hard to ensure we can serve you better. At this stage we service the Perth metropolitan area and surrounding areas as well as Yanchep, Joondalup, Mandurah, Two Rocks and Peel areas. Please click here to check if your area is currently covered by one of our teams.

Do I need to be present while M&Co cleaners perform the job?

No, however, we do consider of utmost importance that we have the opportunity to discuss your needs prior to starting our service. As we always go the extra mile to ensure all your needs are met, we recommend you meet with one of our (Cleaner Contractor) members to clarify what areas need to be addressed. If you cannot make it, however, we can always have this discussion over the phone and/or via email and make arrangements to get access to your place.

What if I need to change the scheduled cleaning date with M&Co?

In case you need to rearrange the service or if you have got any question, contact us via phone, text message or email and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and reschedule with our cleaners technicians. At M&Co we always customise our services to make your life easier.

Can I have a different cleaner if I prefer to?

Most definitely! M&Co Cleaning is always open to feedback and if for any reason you are not happy with the services you have been provided with, just contact us and we will organise a different cleaner for you.

Can M&Co Cleaning guarantee the service provided?

Yes, as a guarantee of our services and to give you peace of mind, M&Co offers a 5 day return guarantee in case our services do not meet your or your property manager’s cleaning expectations. Therefore, in the unlikely event of any of the check-listed items is not clean to a high cleaning standard, we will return to your property and rectify the service free of charge.

Do M&Co Cleaning bring their own cleaning equipment and products when doing cleaning?

Yes, all (Cleaner Contractor) have their own products and equipment recommended by M&Co in their vehicles.

M&Co Cleaning always make sure all contractors have everything will be used available at all times. All products and equipment are carefully selected in order to achieve the best level of cleanliness while protecting your home. In addition, we strongly encourage you to suggest any changes in case you have a preferred product at the time we present our product and equipment.

What happens if something is damaged during the cleaning process?

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to use a professional cleaning company like M&Co.

We all know that despite being extremely careful, incidents could happen.This is why M&Co Cleaning are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

In other words, you, the (Cleaner Contractor) and M&Co are protected from possible loss or damage caused by us.

Do I need M&Co Cleaning to visit and quote the service?

A visit for a quote would definitely be the most accurate option, however, we understand that sometimes it may not be possible or necessary. Therefore, you can either suggest the amount of time and frequency you want the for the service and give us the details of what your needs are over the phone or via email and we will give you a quote as accurate as possible (subject to inspecting the place on the day of the booking) or, in case you are available, you can book a day to have one of our representatives to come over and discuss your cleaning needs as well as present our cleaning and products checklist.

How do M&Co receive the payment for cleaning service?

You can choose paying by cash or internet bank transfer at the end of each service.

If you are a regular client (with regular services booked), you can also be billed once a fortnight if this option suits your needs best.

Can I have more than one cleaner to do the cleaning job?

If you prefer and/or need to reduce the cleaning time, you can request in advance (subject to availability) that two cleaners (or more if the property is really big) attend the property to complete the job. At M&Co, we will do our best to make your cleaning experience as pleasurable as possible.

Do I get a different cleaner each time? How does it work?

No, you don’t. At M&Co we make all your cleaning bookings with the same cleaner. We will only address a different cleaner in case you request it or if the cleaner is unavailable.

(All details and Police check will be sent to you prior the cleaning day)

Are all cleaners able to provide a valid police clearance certificate at M&Co?

Yes, all M&Co contractor cleaners are fully checked, provide a National Police Clearance as well as reference check and undergo a strict selective process in order to ensure you get the best service that is aligned with our high quality standard of services.

At M&Co, are the cleaners trained and prepared?

For M&Co, cleaning is a serious matter, therefore, all (Cleaner Contractor) go through a very intense training process when they learn about products, equipment, techniques and everything they should know to comply with the company and clients cleaning expectations.

Can I have an electronic Invoice?

Yes! You can have the invoice sent to your email address or our (Cleaner Contractor) can leave a hardcopy at your home after each job. You just have to let us know what is easier for you.