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Leather almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus and Dirt. They usually live and grow in our leather as it is a great and favourable place for feeding and reproducing due to the amount of, dust and others. not to mention the ugly look. A professionally cleaned leather can not only improve the look of your house, but also your health and the leather’s life expectancy.

Some Benefits of M&Co Leather cleaning.

M&Co professional cleaning improves your leather life expectancy.
Free Leather stain treatment and conditioning.
Get rid of those mould germs bacteria bed-bugs and mites from your leather.
Same day professional leather cleaning services.
Super quick dry leather cleaning process.
Free leather deodoriser.
Top quality leather cleaning products and advanced cleaning method.


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 Three Seater Couch


Extended until 31/12/2020

Cleaning + Conditioning

Free Deodoriser

Free Stain Treatment

Free Mould Treatment

On Site Leather Cleaning

Quick Dry

Safe For Family And Pets

Same Day Service

Four Seater Couch


Extended until 31/12/2020

Cleaning + Conditioning

Free Deodoriser

Free Stain Treatment

Free Mould Treatment

On Site Leather Cleaning

Quick Dry

Safe For Family And Pets

Same Day Service

Five Seater Couch



Extended Until 31/12/2020

Cleaning + Conditioning

Free Deodoriser

Free Stain Treatment

Free Mould Treatment

On Site Leather Cleaning

Quick Dry

Safe For Family And Pets

Same Day Service

The Process

M&Co Rug Cleaning Services
1. M&Co Pre-clean the leather removing the first layer of dirt.
residential cleaning housekeeping
2. M&Co Inspect and decide what special solution to use to clean the leather.
3. M&Co gently clean the area with our top products and very advanced technique.
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
4. M&Co Pre-apply our eco-friendly leather conditioning (protector).
Leather Cleaning M&Co
5. M&Co check your satisfaction and give you further instructions of how to keep your leather couch clean for longer.
6. M&Co gives you an electronic invoice/receipt and all information for the next leather cleaning.

Leather Cleaning & Protection

We at M&Co are available 7 days a week for your Leather Cleaning.

M&CO Leather Cleaning

Leather is a beautiful and long lasting material that many people usually choose for their furniture and upholstery. However, negligence of your leather furniture can result in early and unnecessary damage of your items. Don’t let it happen – M&Co is here available to help!


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Most of leather items come with a protective sealer on it in order to avoid damage, stains wear and tear. However, such sealer needs regular maintenance, otherwise it won’t resist for a long time. Dust, bodily oils and fluids, grease and dirt in general can result in the protection to wear off and your leather furniture to get permanently affected.

In order to avoid that, regular cleaning and treatment of your leather items is recommended.

Through our thorough and professional process of leather cleaning, we will restore your furniture and leave it looking like new again. Our specialists will first pre-clean the items removing superficial debris and then apply a solution to treat the leather and remove stains and the previous sealer. After that, we will give it a thorough clean and apply a new sealer, which will not only protect, but also nourish and condition the leather. After we have finished you can rest assured that your furniture will look and feel great for a long time.

Our leather cleaners are highly trained to clean and protect your leather sofa, lounge, dining chairs or any other leather item in your household. They will come to your place, assess the condition of the leather and then work their magic using the most advanced products and equipment in the market.

We also specialise in sofa cleaning through the use of the latest product and machinery.

Contact us today for a free quote and get your leather furniture protected and looking like new again!


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Trusted Throughout Australia

  • Perfect attention to detail.. Cleans my house regularly.. highly recommend
    As I needed carpets and external windows done as well, they offered me a combo deal, which was of great value.
    One day before the cleaning, I received a message confirming all the details and also informing me the name of the cleaners who would attend my property, as well as their contact numbers. On the agreed day, their team got to my place on time, showed me (again) their extensive checklist to make sure I was happy with that and also offered me some other extra services they thought would benefit me (getting my bond back).

    Iriny Rezk
  • Awsome job. Tks guys!
    I did not have any problem with the bond inspection and quickly received the full bond on my account. Thank you M&Co.
    Would recommend to everyone looking for brilliant services!!

  • Amazing service!! I don't remember having such a good customer service as M&Co cleaners provide! They had to come bac...

    Luana Miantti Ghellere
  • High standard cleaning company, very hard working team! They did a complete and excellent job, with attention to deta...

    Patrick Foster
  • Extremely professional from start to finish. Reccomend to family and friends!!

    Marry Matswell
  • My carpets were horrible, after the service provided by the company M&CO my carpets are fresh!. Thanks M&CO

    Wayne Perk
  • Great quality service and friendly staff
    The carpets were done at the end of the cleaning and I must say I was impressed with the amount of dirt that came out of it.

  • Marcello was very professional and friendly when he cleaned my carpets. Pricing was reasonable. A good job. Windows n...

    Mary Wake
  • Best experience I've had with cleaning companies so far! Highly professional, attentive to details and fair price!
    Not only did they answer my message very promptly, but they also negotiated and worked around my schedule to accommodate the vacate cleaning date and time.

    Mayla Moraes
  • End of Lease Term cleaning - service was done in a professional way. There was a few items that my property agent wasn't happy with but M&Co completed those items again in a very prompt manner with the approval in the end from my property agent. So all in all was a good experience with them.

    Niña Cruz
  • I am very happy!! They did all the hard work for me while I was organizing things at my new home. Professional and reliable cleaning company

    Reinaldo Widmer
  • Well done, I am a cleaning freak but did not have the time to do my final end of lease cleaning and honestly I wouldn't be able to do the job as good as M&Co did.
    Cheers guys.
    Also I like the environment and when I asked for environmentally friendly products (baking soda, no bleach) they did what I asked for.
    Great friendly service, great cleaning, very reasonable prices.
    Will definitely use them again.

    Matin Benti
  • Great customer service, they will make their best towards a successful final inspection. Their staff is friendly and responsive. I recommend M&Co to anyone in need to arrange vacate cleaning!

    Gabriel N. L.
  • Marcello was very professional and friendly when he cleaned my carpets. Pricing was reasonable. A good job. Windows next time!

    Mary Wake
  • Extremely professional!!! Recommend to all.
    They did a great price for wheelie bins cleaning as well as blinds, which at the end definitely made all the difference. They were very attentive to detail. They cleaned all the corners, light fittings and even the highest spots that are usually missed. The main bathroom’s shower had a few marks on the tile that had been there since I rented the property and incredibly after they finished, the marks were gone.

    Jose Pires
  • Super friendly, attention to detail, and fair and reasonable pricing. Would choose M & Co as my cleaners everytime!

    Oliver Richards
  • I've used M & Co Cleaners a few times now and always brilliant work, on time and good prices too. Would highly recommend them.

    Christopher Wilson
  • Nice Honest business to deal with , Our go to Guy for all our Cleaning needs for our office and residential cleaning needs.We find Marcello & his team at M & Co Cleaning Services Perth very professional ,accurate and vert reasonable. Thank you guys.

    Mary Lowel