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Why M&Co Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning is so effective?


The carpet almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus. They usually live and grow in our carpet as it is a great and favourable place for feeding and reproducing due to the amount of dead skin cells, hair, dust and others. A professionally cleaned carpet can not only improve the look of your house, but also your health and the carpet’s life expectancy.

At M&Co, we specialise in carpet cleaning, sanitisation and deodorisation to ensure your carpet lives longer and so do you!

Got a Pet Incident On Your Carpet? Book Online Today!

Deep high pressure water carpet cleaning method. Extracts pet urine.
Free carpet deodorisation. Ideal to remove pet odour.
Super quick dry carpet cleaning process.
Remove bacteria hiding in your carpet. Perfect for pet Owners
Same day carpet cleaning services
Get rid of those mould germs bacteria bed-bugs and mites from your carpet
Free stain treatment
M&Co deep carpet cleaning is the best option after pets incident.

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Safe For Family and Pets

Free Deodorisation Ideal For Pet Owners

Free Stain Treatment

Free Mould Treatment

Extracts Urine From Carpet 

Quick Dry

We Pre-Vacuumm The Carpets For You

7 Days Including Saturdays And Sundays

Remove bacteria hiding in your carpet

The Process

#1 Carpet Cleaning Attadale
1. M&Co Pre-vacuum the carpets removing the first layer of dust and dirt.
residential cleaning housekeeping
2. M&Co Inspect and decide what special solution to use to threat the carpets.
Carpet Cleaning In Perth Deodorise
3. M&Co carefully Pre-spray our eco-friendly solution (shampoo) all over the carpet. Safe for family and friends
M&co Carpet Cleaners Leederville
4. M&Co deep steam clean the carpet. Aprox80 degrees at 300psi and suck it up with our very powerful equipment.
Carpet Cleaning Leederville 2019
5. M&Co check your satisfaction and give you further instructions of how to keep your carpets clean for longer.
Bond Back Carpet Cleaning M&Co Leerdville
6. M&Co gives you an electronic invoice/receipt and all information for the next deep steam cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning M&Co

Carpet Cleaning Perth , professionally cleaned carpet can not only improve the look of your house, but also your health and the carpet’s life expectancy.

At M&Co we clean to Australian National Standards and use the most advanced products and equipment to ensure your carpet looks clean and fresh after we have finished.

TESTED AND PROVEN!  M&Co Cleaning offers an exclusive service that kills 99.8% of germs and other microbes. This is a no extra charge benefit and protects your items for up to 3 months!    



At M&Co Cleaning we not only clean, but sanitise your items with long lasting benefits utilising world leading products and professional services killing 99.8% of germs. UNiQ products provide honest, proven solutions to contaminated and infected fabrics, fibres and textiles. Utilising the Australian made active ingredient HealthGuard AMIC, it offers non-invasive healthcare of the highest level, thoughtfully formulated using cosmetic chemistry that has been tried, independently tested and proven to kill 99.8% of germs (bacteria, virus, etc) while being fast acting, long lasting, and most importantly, safe, environmentally sound, safe for pets, plants and humans.

After being treated by M&Co Cleaning, your carpets, curtains, mattresses and upholstery will be protected against spores,
bacteria and virus for months to come.

Book your cleaning with M&Co Cleaning and ensure your family and loved ones are living in a cleaners and safer environment.

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Our professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians in go thorough a cleaning training process. After which, they are able to professionally evaluate your carpet. (its type and condition) and advise which method will best suit your needs.

At M&Co we work with both Dry and Steam cleaning. Our technicians will come to your place on the day and time arranged. Will inspect the carpet and its condition. Then will discuss with you about your requirements and the best option to attend them. While keeping your carpet clean, healthy and preserved.

See the results yourself by booking our professional services today and experience the difference.

See below the difference between Steam and Dry cleaning:

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is the most famous cleaning method amongst our clients and real estate agencies.

The cleaning process consists of using a high tech carpet cleaner machine that will first treat the carpet with a high quality shampoo, specifically chosen depending on the type of the carpet. After that, the shampoo will be washed out. Then, by a high pressure hot water spray and sucked up at the same time, leaving your carpet fibres clean, fresh and free of unhealthy debris.

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpet Cleaning Perth
Removes bacteria

Even though most of the people prefer the carpet Steam cleaning method, sometimes it is not possible to use it depending on the type of the material and flooring underneath it (very common in lounge suite) . This is why our highly experienced technicians have a crucial part in the process. They will evaluate your carpet and its conditions and inform you of the best options according to your needs.


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