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Why M&Co Rug Deep Steam Cleaning is so effective!

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The Rug almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus. They usually live and grow in our rug as it is a great and favourable place for feeding and reproducing due to the amount of dead skin cells, hair, dust and others. A professionally cleaned rug can not only improve the look of your

house, but also your health and the rug’s life expectancy.

Some Benefits of rug cleaning.

Deep hot high pressure water rug cleaning method
Free rug deodoriser
Remove bacteria hiding in your rug
Super quick dry rug cleaning process
Same day Rug cleaning services
Free stain treatment
Get rid of those mould germs bacteria bed-bugs and mites from your rug
M&Co deep cleaning improves your rug life expectancy


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Safe For Family and Pets

Same day Service

Free Deodoriser

Free Stain Treatment

Free Mould Treatment

Free Rug  Grooming

Quick Dry

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

On Site Deep Rug Cleaning

The Process

1. M&Co Pre-vacuum the rugs removing the first layer of dust and dirt.
residential cleaning housekeeping
2. M&Co Inspect and decide what special solution to use to threat the rugs.
3. M&Co carefully Pre-spray our eco-friendly solution (shampoo) all over the rug. Safe for family and friends
4. M&Co deep steam clean the rugs. Aprox 80 degrees at 300psi and suck it up with our very powerful equipment.
5. M&Co check your satisfaction and give you further instructions of how to keep your rug clean for longer.
6. M&Co gives you an electronic invoice/receipt and all information for the next deep steam cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Rug Cleaning Melbourne, even though many people think that cleaning rugs is the same thing as cleaning carpets, it actually is not. Rugs can be very different to carpets as they are made of a wide variety of materials.  Such as wool, silk, cotton natural and synthetic fibres. At M&Co, we are trained and equipped to assess your rug, test it and identify the best technique to clean it without damaging it.

Special Offer. Book 2 different steam cleaning services with M&Co and the 3rd is for FREE

Our technicians will come to your place and inspect and test your rug. All to make sure we use the right product and equipment according to your rugs material.

After identifying the fibre and testing it, we will pre-clean it by removing dust and small particles that are lying on it. Then we apply a pretreatment solution to address spots and stains followed by a spray of our treatment solution, which will deeply clean and loosen soil and debris. After that, we will use our specialised steam cleaning machine to rinse and extract all water and dirt from your rug, leaving it nice, clean and refreshed.

We also provide fully insured cleaning services that are always thorough, consistent and reliable.

Reason why we have so much faith in the quality of our work and have guaranteed it. If any part of our cleaning does not meet your expectations. Please inform us within five working days, we will rectify the service free of charge.


Contact us for a free quote on our rug cleaning. Also more detailed information on how to keep your rugs professionally clean! Also, if you are looking for a quality and affordable carpet cleaning service, M&Co has you covered.

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  • First time using a carpet cleaning service. Booking was easy, price was so reasonable and quality of work was outstanding.
    Juliano was at my house when he said he would be, friendly, eager, and did an outstanding job, highly recommend juliano and m&co.

    Dermott Montague